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Dear all

Due to a performance issue - 'total downloads stats' and 'total subscribers' numbers has currently been disabled. We are working hard on getting the numbers back, but it was simply taken too long to calculate - since some of you have TONS of downloads :-) - giving an overall slowdown to the entire site.

We are still tracking your downloads - so all the numbers are there - we just can't display them at the moment.

However - you can still see the daily number graph with both subscribers and downloads for the last 30 days.

Best regards,

Speed, speed, speed!

We just released a new version of PodcastMachine. Theres no new features, instead only raw speed. The 3 statistics numbers seen on the homepage now updates once an hour. Moving back and forth between episodes, channels, etc. should feel considerable faster for everyone. We hope you enjoy this new release.

Best regards,
The PodcastMachine Team.

New version of PodcastMachine!

Dear all users

We have just released a new version of PodcastMachine. The new version includes:

* Much better handling of login from Google and Yahoo and Myopenid
* Much better analyzing af mediafiles
* Lot's of other minor tweaks and fixes


The PodcastMachine Team

PodcastMachine now even faster

We just released a new revision of PodcastMachine, now with a more responsive interface.

Hope you enjoy it!

The PodcastMachine team.

Smart Channels

Hi everybody.

For some time now, we have been working on a new feature called "smart channels". The idea is that you can create a channel based on episode tags. Say you have two different channels, both with 5 episodes. In each channel one or more episodes are tagged with "sport". You can then create a third channel - a smartchannel - based on all episodes tagged with "sport".

Currently the feature is available to selected enterprise customers, but we are considering making the feature much broader available. If you think that this is a good idea, please let us know.