Podcast Machine

PodcastMachine will be 4 years old this summer

It's almost 4 years since Mick bought the domainname 'PodcastMachine'. Since then a lot of things have happend, and PodcastMachine has matured a lot. PodcastMachine still offers a very simple way to get your podcast going, and a quick search on twitter reveals our service is being used in many different ways. Our entire infrastructure is still 100% cloud based - which was the lastest and greatest back in 2007. It seems a little more normal theese days. In january we restuctured the firm, and we are now PodcastMachine Aps - and got a lot of legal work regarding the ownership of the firm ironed out.

Thank you! to all our customers who made the success of podcastmachine a reality - we are looking forward to host your podcasts in the years to come.

Best regards