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Psycho Science Fiction Book Gives a New Twist To Noah’s Ark. Author James L. Hill creates a futuristic world where technology has replaced God and mankind struggles to retain its humanity. Pegasus: A Journey To New Eden is a psychological thriller that show how wrong society can go when technology is uncontrolled. This suspenseful hair-raiser allows the readers to explore a twisted future where corporations replace governments and humans are an expendable commodity. It is a dark time of power and greed set against the desolation of space exploration. Pegasus, the first starship, will take the best that the world has to offer and transplant it on another world. Readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as the only two people to escape the escalating madness must wrestle control of the ship from its Artificial Intelligence and restore faith in human dignity. In this work, readers see a future that is just around the corner. Beware, technology advances faster than our knowledge of what to do with it.