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When Ruby Rahman runs away from the (fictitious) Middle Eastern country of Inevia to the United States to avoid an arranged marriage, instead of achieving the freedom she seeks, she finds herself trapped instead—in a house full of vampires. This “family” of attractive young vampires, known as the Scotts, don’t want to suck her blood. In fact, they have been taking care of Ruby since the accident she was involved in leaving the airport from Las Vegas. But when she tries to leave their house, they inform her that they’re going to have to kill her, before their leaders kill them for the crime of exposing her to the truth of their existence. The worst part of all: Ruby finds out that one who has been charged with the responsibility of killing her is William Scott, the most handsome vampire in the house, who has been sending her mixed messages since she arrived. She isn’t sure any more if running away from her father—and from a country where women are not respected—was such a smart idea. She might as well have stayed home and spent her life in a loveless marriage than be drained of her blood by a cold, heartless vampire like William.