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*Note- funnest show I have ever heard!* Dee’s construction problems with Suzette, last night’s dinner recap, peeps respond to Nick’s drinking, more on the dinner, temp in studio, motorcycle classes, helmet law, recap of; toes, Dee’s pics, girl wants Nick to date her mom. Mic problems, D-Day promo, King of the Ring, Dee-mail, Michael J Fox, Shrek, Tomb Raider, psycho girls, Murray brothers, passionate people, Courtney Love, Sean Penn, Dee talks about working on Strangeland, next mad max, song writers awards, snide remark, what the hell to do this weekend, CC Deville interview, Lake Compound accident, President Bush, man crashes car with hooker, CC’s snow story, snake in toilet, Pavariti’s toilet, sex dens and peeing, Knight Rider, CC’s car story, Zena, Magic Johnson, Chip from Enuffznuff joins show, Dee tells his Enuffznuff story, what we learned today, CC closes show while Dee is screaming for him to shut up. Keyworded by metal kitten!!