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Back in the groove, radio jobs, Beth’s glow, Spanish nipple art, Lightside Art Show, Ratt and Nick, Cal Ripken, DEE Day II Reaction, Traffic report from the Jungle, Cheeky recap, Reactions, Sagen Sie Was, Reactions, contraceptives to students, John Rowland, firemen, Gary Condit, MLB All Star Game, work computers, male contraceptives, redneck games, bike wedding, Italian Affairs, sex at wimbledon, why shower curtains stick, showers, metal road rage, Julia Roberts, Ticket Prices, Reaction, Nick interviews Billy Duffy form the Cult, Shark Attack victim, millionaire law suit, superstition, flip flops, Donkey Punch, consensual condom, no mosquito radio, Seattle cop firefight, Job opportunity for Nick, DEE Mail, Whar We Learned Today. ...Keyworded by Matt From New Britain