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Dee’s new night guard, Run DMC, Dee’s snoring story, Steven Percy and Ratt, D-bear, poop art show, redneck jokes, recap; condoms in school, Gov Rolland, shower curtains, shower habits. Hot for teacher, running over turtles, space shuttle, farmer cuts off arm, Kennedy settlement, coffee, talking toilet, jewelry found in vagina, men afraid of big boobs, Beaver College name change, doughnuts, Beaver College again, pregnancy cravings, Harrison Ford, Conan O’Brien, peeps responses; road rage from metal, dog walking, Nick’s moving plans, Dee Snider Family Feud, Nick planning to pitch at Rock Cats, Rock fest plans, Billy Duffy interview response, dream of Darkside, Chandra Levy, cheating politicians, waitress gets big tip, child support, left handed people sicknesses, single men unhappy, returning engagement ring, dating older women, contortionists, dead body, sports payrolls, jerky rock stars, D-mail; cracker barrel, praises for show, flip flops, the word faggot, Twisted Sister requests, Nick’s lifestyle. Batting cages, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten!!!