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Dee wonders how his life turned away from rock star, Dee at a republican party, staff discusses things they never thought they would ever do, tattoos, armpit hair, Everclear, D-Day, 101 year old man runs a mile, plus size lingerie, clothes not made for big people, WWF, hemorrhoid story, Dee’s weekend story, replies to listeners mail, staff’s weekend stories; cemeteries, Stevie Nicks concert, psychofest. Response to Nick pitching a baseball game, Darkside and Nick’s moving story, replies to listener’s mail, museum etiquette, news, getting over an ex, circumcision, condoms in cabs, circumcision again, misspelled tattoos, circumcision yet again, Robert Downey Jr., Katie Couric, rock star's rider requests, D mail, what did we learn. Keyworded by metal kitten!!