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Stone Temple Pilots bail on Dee, pressures of a Twisted Sister reunion, plus size lingerie backlash, peeps letters, oil crisis, President W goofiness, exercise, stealing from kids & church, garlic, peanut butter, golf not a sport, sexy movie scenes, Mudbone in Japan, Psycho Dan’s game show Sagen Sie Was, Interview with Art Alexakis of Everclear, peeps response to Nick & Darkside’s moving story, Mudbone in Japan again, Dee apologized about Judy Holiday, circumcision responses, gardening in a bathing suit, terrible mothers, skinny wives, trapped for 3 days in a pot-a-let, bridesmaids, relative kidney transplants, cable, Tom Cruise & Penelope, J Lopez’s butt, Mr. Rogers & Bozo the Clown, D-mail, 5 sentences Darkside says to make you avoid him, self doctoring your feet, D-mail, what did we learn..... Keyworded bt metal kitten!!!