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Man Show comments & highlights, Psycho Dan’s and Darkside relationship problems, stripper lifestyle, Hindu, a space rock, dog can vote, jerk of the week, Patrick Ewing, rock star lifestyles, using dogs to pick up chicks, video games make smart kids, earwig found in ear, knife throwing, student drivers, death, Demi & Bruce, James Hetfield in rehab, Nomar, D mail responses to; sex in library, Dee sighting in candle factory, OzzFest story, tattoos, Marilyn Manson management story, Slipknot story, Ozzy jumping rope, man rapes 84 year old woman, Pope, stupid tourists, fights at weddings, sausages, eating dog, eastern states, body fluids thrown on people, George Harrison, Pat DiNizio interview, rockers copying, D mail; removing a Dee sticker, a fan moves, chick doesn’t like Nick, foreskin, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten!!!!