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Staff discusses Rock Cat’s outing stories, Stone Temple Pilots, Bildo steals Nick’s bit, Darkside’s entourage, more Rock Cat’s stories, a peep in love with Nick, herpes, recap of; speeding accidents, deer accidents, kids left in storage locker, nail gun accident, beer flavor gum, public sex. Radio sticker wars, 104 fest promo, peeps response to MTV anniversary show, more bagging on Stone Temple Pilots and Journey, OzzFest, what the hell are we doing this weekend, peeps response to Sean playing at 104 Fest, more what the hell are we doing this weekend, sausage story, peeps response to shame of the city, OzzFest, water activity accident, foot fetish, Ron Townsend death, guy blows up home with propane and marijuana, huffing, redheads, women thinking about during sex, tiger man, nipple bitten off, pot smoking neighbors, Martha Stewart, guy cutting off his feet, more peeps response to; Rock Cats game, today show featuring Twisted fashion, Australia’s dumb stories, scratch n sniff stickers, beer gum. Dee’s family feud, D-mail; Twiggy Ramirez interview, Twisted Sister. Caller from a Seattle army base, Mariah Carey breakdown, Steven Tyler, Leif Garrett’s advise to new pop stars, Whitney Houston, Anna Kournikova single, Buggles, Bush show, Pierce Bronson, Sex & the city, Chubby Checker, Sharon Osbourne is a no show, what we learned today. Bonus what we learned today from unknown show. Keyworded by metal kitten.