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Dee feels he lost his weekend, arguments, Sharon Osborne standing up Dee, luncheon meat stuck on body parts, OzzFest, drinking, Dee highlights his signing appearance, recap of guy blows up home with propane and marijuana, huffing, fake redheads, what women think about during sex. Sea Do, Nasty Nick letter, herpes, Doc B, traffic, smoking, Connecticut incomes, hurricanes, flip-flops, ugly feet, Elle McPherson’s wax figure, drunk driver stabbed, weddings, getting ordained, penises found in dumpsters, top movies, Ben Afflick, Mr. Belvedere dies, Tommy Hilfiger’s house, 104 fest promo, peeps response to area code, MTV anniversary, hurst shifter, peep letter regarding Nick, Nick’s brick house story, Dave Matthews’s show, Nick’s weekend, peeps response to Shame of the OzzFest, huffing, Beth’s weekend, Darkside’s weekend, Crazy Town vs Mudbone story, Dee’s weekend story, Castaway, Clark’s brother Griswold’s letter, letter for Sean’s diet, Mayor Giordano, tropical storm Barry, President on vacation, shark attack, worm inside skin, man holding his own cut off genitals, alligator sent thru mail, squatting toilet, hamburgers, Jeff Goldblum, Helen Hunt, peeps reaction to; Twiggy and Marylin Manson, who’s going to get drunk first quiz, Nick mad at Senior game people, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten!