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Dee is tired, Rocky Horror Picture Show possibility, Beastie Boys, radio listening habits, Better Than Ezra, Dee’s “sharing the stage” stories, Dr B letter about Nick & Sean, recap of; shark attack, Japanese women living longer, Russian man with worm in eye, man found walking holding his severed genitals, shipping an alligator, giant hamburger. Summer Slam promo, Seado contest info, peeps reaction to; Nick’s herpes, Dee should be marring people. Hypothetically game, Dee’s sleeping in same bed with another guy story, hypothetically game continues, peeps response to MTV anniversary show, hypothetically game continues. Dee talks about TS tribute record, peeps reactions to Dee possibly doing Rocky Horror Picture Show, roller coaster crash, Waterbury Mayor, cloning, Clinton memoirs, diamonds, lifesavers, pogo sticks, shrinky dinks, Mr. Potato Head, cheating men, Tommy Lee & Kid Rock, crotch less pants, Attack of the Clones, Bobby Dall’s injury, Castaway contest info, gay colored do-rags, peeps responses to Dee at OzzFest, Marilyn Manson’s bottle story, liberal Quakers, Summer Slam game, interview with the guy who’s going to cut off his own feet, Linkin Park parody song, peep’s response to; Red Sox & Yankees, Nick calling East Hartford peeps stupid, senior Olympics. The movie Glitter pushed back while Mariah recuperates, Mick Jagger & Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Goldie Hawn, Viagra with Earth, Wind, and Fire, Eminem, Slipknot, what we learned today. Bonus what we learned today from unknown show. Keyworded by metal kitten!