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Dee’s goldfish are turning piranha, Nick’s dancing story, 104 fest coming up, Dee’s busy schedule, recap of Aaliyah plane crash, single middle aged people, Nick’s middle age plans, Dee’s early “dating” story, ero sticker peace story, peeps response to TS behind the music, Giordano, perfect attendance, Chandra Levy, heavy girls with breast cancer, man plane crashes into his home, little league controversy, mirrors on shoes, retards, mooning causes loss of Olympic medal, angry metal, road rage, olive pit spitting, caller calls in to call Dee a hypocrite, new wife reality show, Bill Bob Thorton and Angelina weird gifts, if you can sleep with anyone other than your spouse, march of dimes, Dee mail, calling people names, Hypothetically game, see-do, Dee mail, prison bitch names, Dee mail, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten.