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Dee feels like the cat who ate the bird, Dee’s options, Dee mail is backed up, diarrhea song, mandals & toes, Nick’s brain hurts from thinking, recap of Hypothetically game, march of dimes, Cameron Crowe using BeBe Buell as muse, 104 fest, Dee mail, Sagen Zie Vas game, response to retard word, other derogatory words, Waterbury mayor, driver license photo, AAA, prostrate cancer & exams, Dee’s exam story, Nick’s exam story, little league scandal, talk show for Bill Clinton, antibacterial cleaners, women lie, backward roller coaster record, testicle injury, Dee’s friend injury story, black mail for sex photos/video, Michael Jackson opening market, rock influenced fashions, Darkside fashion, Natasha Lyonne’s DWI, final Friends season, Nick’s Dad’s embarrassing story preview, peeps letters for Nick, Nick’s embarrassing story, Dee mail reactions to; marijuana, reality shows, prison bitch names, Nick’s dancing, Darkside’s party, sound bites, hair bands, Twisted Sister lyrics, Twisted Sister Behind the music. 104 fest, Robbin Crosby of Ratt has AIDS, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten.