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Beth was sick, Dee talks about refusing to vomit, Snoop Dogg on play list, Beth tells Nick he looks terrible, how staff had a mini-vacation, peep response on 104 fest, Dee’s kid’s school bus schedule, peeps responses to 104 fest, Dee’s comments on 104 fest, recap of peep’s letter of Fault Line’s show, Dee tells Axe story, Dee discussed upcoming September events- including Beth’s wedding, March of Dimes, more peeps responses to 104 fest, Dee tells his backstage story with a hyper guy, Sean at 104 fest, Beth’s 104 fest story, Darkside 104 fest story, Dee’s problems with 104 fest passes, peeps responses; Beth singing “Unskinny Bop”, bagging on Sean and Fault line, Dee continues his passes story, Nick’s 104 fest story, Dee gives Nick wisdom about after show parties, Nick commenting watch Dee switch from Daddy to Rocker and back to Daddy at 104 fest, drawing for the seado, peeps responses to TS behind the music, Dee says Beth is his lead guitar player- can’t do show with out her (with a small burn to Jay Jay), Nick’s voice, Hartford mayor scandals, family massacre in California, Dee’s friend Mayco story about staking ex’s family, smoker work study, more peeps responses: mosh pit and Sean sweating, moving for radio signal, parents in trouble for getting stripper for kid’s party, Dee’s party for Jesse story, ugly people genetics, man bit by dead shark, man tries suicide by swallowing nails, marijuana lights set fire to frat, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche, ero sticker story, Sagen Zie Vas game, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten.