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Dee comments on Beth’s coloring, sunning and tanning, Darkside’s music choice, Nick’s hygiene, peeps responses to Sean, Recap of parent’s hiring stripper for kid’s party, parents letting kids drink, ugly people genetics, euro sticker story, parking problems, Darkside getting ripped off on trolling, mosquitoes, man breaking into prison, prison sends sperm, chick flicks to get into the mood, Nick needs to do studies, plumber’s crack, girls wearing low jeans, pizza to stop UV rays, man farting in police station gets fine reversed, peeps reactions to 104 fest, Faultline, teeth & smiling, English people’s teeth, tv watching record, kids trying to set off a seismograph, mobile home controversy, BeBe Buell engaged, Suzette thinks BeBe is a slut, ride changes at Disneyland, Bob Hope released from hospital, video music awards, Bikers for Babies promo, complaint from water bottle at 104 fest, Dee look a likes, Hypothetical Game, Jerry Jones, Carlito’s show, homophobic, peeps response to the marijuana fire, putting down video awards, Hypothetical Game continues, Anne Heche, cloning Brad Pitt and other stars, peep calls in about going to school with Brad Pitt, mean & attractive people, richest people under 40, Cindy Crawford gives birth, Ed McMahon, Burt Reynolds, Kate Moss in accident, Gina Davis gets married again, instant messages within the staff, Mariah Carey, Kate Winslet divorces, Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, what the hell is going on this weekend, what we learned today (with Nick grossing everyone out). keyworded by metal kitten.