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Dee talks about stuff going on, Dee mentions Cooch working on the SMF tour, walking in on a wedding, Dee is stressed, wearing glasses, Nick’s eyesight, peeps response to Nick’s hygiene, Beth’s upcoming wedding, recap of Hypothetically game, ball fest, peeps reactions to budget problems, 104 fest, Dee’s thought on Beth’s fiancé, Dee talks about Mark Mendoza, Dee and a caller talk about their March of Dimes experience, Dee continues his weekend story with Mark Mendoza, pizza, peep’s letter for faking people out, things for Sean to use on stage, Darkside’s weekend story, Nick’s weekend story, Mark Mendoza, ball contest info, shoot out with cops, small town living, older people and sex, shark bites fisherman, Peggy sue singing record, gifted children, penis transplant, violent anti-abortionist, kids caught measuring their penises, peeps responses to 104 fest, fire breather set on fire, Faultline show antics, kids in England jumping to make a tremor, oyster eating challenge, man drives backwards, Michael Jackson, top movies, tennis, ball contest info, Rob Dibble interview, Waterbury primary, more 104 fest responses, Zalman story, kids & chores, sex in space, shooting over dominoes, Curious George & Jews, turbo Honda civic, Ferris Wheel record ride, Matthew McConaughey saves a life, peep calls in about showering in Italy, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten.