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Dee talks about hanging out with Mick Foley and how Mick’s recognition factor puts Dee’s to shame, Mick’s wife, Dee’s visit home with Cheyenne’s broken arm, Candlebox, comments on other radio staff members, syndication requests, Sebastian Bach and his wife, TS royalties, peeps letter about new hick listeners, peeps response to the players guide, Dudleytown, Dee teases co-host Chaz about being in so early, peep calls in with more players guide idea, recap of; teachers use stripping as punishment, Waterbury mayor, Mick upset a senator is dodging him, boys betting other online gamers sex with their girlfriends, Dee talking about groupies, Mick’s groupie list story, Mick’s family portrait story. Dee continues to tease Chaz about being up so early, Dee tells Chaz about Beth’s wedding, clear channel banned song, Dee talks about Beth’s wedding guests, peep letter about loving Nick, wrong fitting clothes, buying suits online, Nick’s stinky shoes story, Michael Skakel, Dee’s friend who knew of a murder story, Beth, peeps responses to Mick Foley, lawyers, Taliban, New York Mayor debate, town wants to be fragrance free, cologne over smelly body, stock market, Sagen Zie Vas game, God Smack plays “Were Not Gonna Take It”, royalties, Mudbone future, worker falls to his death at casino, Michael Jordon, man sets fire to evil Teddy Bear, Taliban fighting, rumors of US funding terrorist, teenager’s penis bitten off, elderly nude calendar, Australian toilet map, System of a Down, peeps response to Mick Foley, peep requesting to be a co-host, Gary Condit at memorial, themed restaurants, P Diddy, Richard Hatch, spousal abuse, Charlize Theron, tennis stars auction, Drew Bledsoe, celebrity accidents, Dee mail, what we learned today, Sebastian Bach promo. Keyworded by metal kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!