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Special guest co-host Sebastian Bach. Dee and Sebastian discuss the difference of rock band and being metal. Dee tells Sebastian about Beth’s wedding, joys of being married sex, Jeckyl & Hyde play, band replacements, Dee’s audience, Gene Simmons’s money obsession, metal/rock fans, Beth might be changed after honeymoon, Sebastian’s traffic story, Sebastian’s 911 story, old nuclear attack drills, writing meaningful songs, Dee talks about Sebastian being burned on Bevis & Butthead story, Kiss story, recap of deep fried turkey, geese, jerky maker, Rush Limbaugh, Dee and Suzette had sex during Beth’s wedding, Dee using co-hosts, Sebastian’s rolls story, Sebastian loosing Rocky Horror, Sebastian’s 911 school story, trying to tell the news issues, man stabs mother, politician names and porn, president’s rating, metallica songs, hazardous material travels, Sebastian comments about aliens could attack as easily as terrorists, in trouble for painting the flag at workplace, guy in trouble for ferrying people out of Manhattan during 9-11, government number given to sex line, porn spam, kids and cable, outdoor couch ban, Sebastian’s Dee plunger story, French man’s revenge on cheating wife, hate sex, caller asks Sebastian about Richard Hatch, offensive t-shirts, new email address announcement, reading fan mail, dealing with upset fans, Sebastian’s citizenships, Sebastian’s 9-11 tribute of Amazing Grace, getting music on the internet, Sebastian talks about doing Broadway, chick singers, bagging on Poison’s music, Top 14 things Sean says everyday, growing hair, sweating on the stage story, Sebastian’s comic book story, Sebastian’s wife story, birth control methods, new Judas Priest song, pyro on stage stories, caller wants Sebastian’s name tattooed, being nice to fans, peeps calls in asking questions and praising him, age of making it big, rocking out while driving, caller calls in trying to sneak out of work to meet the guys, Anna Nicole, Emmys, Gary Condit, new Brady Bunch movie, what we learned today. Replay of Sebastian’s Amazing Grace with dedication. Keyworded by metal kitten