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Dee talking about hosting top 40 hair bands VH1 show, Dee teases Beth for missing a news story, Nick talking to Rob Dibble’s wife, charities, making fun of Nick saving up for a charity, serial robber caught, smoking ban, Muir crash, school shooting in California, wrinkles from sunbathing & smoking, spray paint sales to minors, peep’s letter about saving ero sticker from vandals, baby clothes with curse words, obese man dies in bathtub, Dee’s skinny bass player, homemade sex tapes, Muir crash again, peep calls in regarding aquarium, mad cow, young marriages, owner’s dog put to sleep by accident and his cat was also ran over, purse snatchers, staff stealing stories, post sex cigarette causes a fire, sniffing t-shirts, peeps response to Sagen Zie Vas game, porno film makers stealing cameras, XFL, Jennifer Love Hewitt with Alec Baldwin, Whitney Houston as Bond girl, Bart Simpson loosing virginity?, Heather Graham, Michael Jackson book club for children, peep’s letter about douche bags, Wrestlemania contest, DSR night for Wolf Pack game info, Rob Dibble interview, Dee’s Twisted Sister reunion tease, Darkside’s volleyball game story, replay of Nick’s adopt a kid program, what we learned today Keyworded by the metal kitten!