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Dee warns staff Clear Channel stock down, Mick Foley, Dee interrupts Darkside’s music choice, Beth’s microphone issues, Nick discusses his morning shower masturbation, peep writes in complaining about everyone’s music choices, Dee reminisces about his music choices in high school and tells a story about defending it at a party, WWF contest, recap of; 2nd half of Dee’s family feud-the sex questions, Timothy Mcveigh & Janet Reno, Greenwich murder case, ascots, clam jam, cigarette started fire, Mick Foley arrives, postal worker selling drugs, breast implants health concerns, men grooming down below, Mick reads from his book,a penis was shorted during surgery, pepper spray, cow paddy throwing, fishing accident, blinking belly light, Harrison Ford and wife reconcile, Dee & Mick talk about girls who think that they are sexy actually scare them and their relationship with their wives story, Survivor, pretty boys, Mick’s Oprah story, Yankees, Mick Foley’s hospital story, peeps response to; animal gas, exploding cows. Mick Foley interview. Peeps response to Nick Lantino OBGYN, swans in the road, Mick’s interview continues, WFF contest winner, back to Mick’s interview, Ken Burns parody, Sobe, “whatz up”, PETA, circus, Nick’s interview with PITA’s naked girl in cage, Rob Dibble calls in, Nick with PITA continues, naked PITA girl calls in, what the hell am I doing this weekend, what we learned today. Bonus: Dee’s story from unknown show from spilling coffee on his bare genitals. Keyworded by metal kitten!