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Extended Stayer is a new hotel booking website that is revolutionizing how travelers book their extended stays. The company, started by Roshan Patel, launched in September and is headquartered in Woodland. The site enables travelers to find weekly hotels Los Angeles (http://www.extendedstayer.com/hotels/los-angeles-ca/) rooms at the best rates with no fees or obligations. When users post their hotel reservations on ExtendedStayer.com, hotels will be able to see their travel plans and offer bids. As a result, travelers get the lowest rate guaranteed and get to skip time-consuming internet searching, phone calling and note taking. "We are pleased to launch this new service for extended stay travelers," said Patel, in a statement. "With our revolutionary service, we do all the hard work - saving travelers valuable time and money." Patel says a little known fact is that hoteliers love "extended stayers." How does he know? Because ExtendedStayer was created by hoteliers. "Hoteliers want your business so much that they'll reduce their rates up to 70 percent in some cases," Patel said. "They do this because the extended stay traveler uses the least amount of resources (think breakfast, utilities and hotel staff time) all while being guaranteed revenue for them, even when the hotel is slow." With this inside knowledge, Patel decided to take this information and create a site that would benefit extended stay travelers. "We wanted to make the process easier for customers," he said. "No more calling individual hotels to get the best rates. Just go to ExtendedStayer, post your reservation and bam - you're done. We leveraged the power of the internet to bring you personalized bids on your extended stay." There are no fees or obligations when using Extended Stayer. "If you don't see a hotel bid you like, you're free to book elsewhere," Patel said. "It really is that easy and simple."