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Calvyn Hindley joins us in this broadcast from all the way "across the pond" in Bolton, England. Learn more about Calvyn on Twitter at @calvyn_hindley and please support the charity he's fighting for @SandsUK. He is a first class MMA fighter who is chasing his dream, setting a positive example for his community and family and doing his best to give back to society. We discuss Calvyn's upcoming fights, how he became an MMA fighter and his personal connection to the charity he's fighting for in this episode. Tom, Tony and Rich also cover the week in combat sports. Rich blasts Dana White for foolishly criticizing Holly Holm's management and gives mad props to Miesha Tate for being patient and persistent over her entire career and in one of the best female fights in MMA history at UFC 196. Nate Diaz also gets credit where it's due for taking a stand against Conor's holier-than-thou boasting and for beating McGregor in the both the smack talk and the action game. Dana White shouldn't be pissed at all about how those two fights turned out. He also simply needs to respect fighters and their motivations. Rich reminds the audience that White truly knows nothing about what it is really like to be a professional fighter since he's never really done it on a competitive level himself AT ANY LEVEL. We also discuss the brutality of fighting in general and the sport of boxing's reputation for causing serious head trauma with particular focus on the AIBA's decision to eliminate headgear for men in amateur boxing competition.